1972 Mari Jászai Prize For the new Hungarian Dramas on stage Budapest

1972 Best Costume Prize VI. Transdanubium Theatres Festival Kaposvár

1976 National Pirandello Prize Agrigento

1979 Zsigmond Móricz Medallion Budapest

1981 Diploma 6th International Triennale of Theatre Scenography & Costumography Novi Sad

1983 Imre Madách Plaquette 18 x costume design versions of „The Tragedy of Man” play Budapest

1983 Golden Ring of the Hungarian National Theatre After 25 years working relationship

1983 50th Anniversary Medal Szeged Open-Air Festival Szeged

1985 Merited Artist The House of Parliament Budapest

1985 Best Costume Design Molière Tartuffe IV. National Theatre Festival Budapest

1986 Hungarian Television Award for Excellence Budapest

1988 & 1989 Henry Spéter Elizabeth Prize Generous private Donation for Hungarian Artists Budapest

1990 Gold Medal of International Scenography & Costume Fair Novi Sad Serbia

1998 Excellent Artist The House of Parliament Budapest

1999 Best Costume Prize Békés County Jókai Theatre Békéscsaba

2006 Kossuth Prize The House of Parliament Budapest

Nelly Vágó has been showed a behavioral example during her life. Her good nature, humility of the profession and her intelligence represents an example to follow. The dedicated costume designer receives the commemorative medal in the Hungarian State Opera House with a short laudation. The award keeps Nelly Vágó’s outstanding lifetime achievements and demonstrate the value of a costume designer.




The commemorative medal is given every year to a costume designer who complies the following requirements and

represents outstanding professional performance:


Diploma of a Fine Art University

Professional drawing & sophisticated design skills

Ability of choosing the suitable textiles for the costume designs

Active participation of the creation process